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December 26, 2014  

De Blasio, with Bratton by side, seeks balance after two killings. The Mayor is getting hammered left and right. Neither side seems ready to tamp down the rhetoric and increase the dialogue. What should he do?

In open letter, Mayor de Blasio stresses need to shelve rhetoric until after funerals of slain NYPD officers. Did anybody listen to the Mayor’s perfectly reasonable plea? Doesn’t look like it.

NYC protestors say they won’t stop demonstrations despite de Blasio’s wishes. Here’s where I part company with the protestors. They should stop the marches and rallies until after the slain police officers are buried. I think their marches will be smaller, because some people who want to address police brutality also realize continuing the protests is disrespectful.

Sony’s “The Interview” will come to some theaters after all. Talked to a friend who thinks (the cynic!) that the whole thing is a publicity stunt for the movie. Could it be? 

A startling admission by the Ferguson prosecutor could restart the case against Darren Wilson. Could? Could? If this is true, that he knowingly allowed liars to testify before a grand jury, he shouldn’t just be out of a job, he should be prosecuted himself.

Lead Story…..

There’s a tribute planned to honor the life and work of the great Professor John Henrik Clarke. One of the planners is PRN’s own host of Leid Story, Utrice Leid.

Will these new MTA posters stop bad subway behavior? You’re kidding, right?

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