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January 22, 2015  

The 1% will own most of the world’s wealth by 2016. That’s next year, folks! Anything can be done to change this?

Man says NYPD cop set him up with planted gun. They’re still planting guns on people? Thought that went out in the 80s.

MarkRiley_ToTheRidiculousEx cop Brooklyn BP Eric Adams: I did not elected the PBA, I elected the Mayor. Here’s one guy who can’t be called a cop basher, race baiter, or any of the other stuff that protest bashers have made up. He told me a long time ago that he had “the talk” with his own son about encounters with the police.

Defying critics, Bill de Blasio embraces Al Sharpton on his home turf.  Glad to see he’s got the guts. Sharpton was always a backdoor way for critics of the mayor to snipe. No apology, no distance from Sharpton. That’s oh for 2.

PBA president Lynch faces leadership challenge from unhappy cops. We talked about this last week, now it appears there are actually names being circulated among PBA members as possibly mounting challenge. Want a ringside seat for that one.

Lead Story

A rising economy lifts Obama going into State of the Union Night

Guest: Aaron Kall, Director, University of Michigan Debate Team, Debate Institute 

How Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper stoked the American culture wars. You know things are out there when Michael Moore and Sarah Palin weigh in on opposite ends of this debate. Haven’t seen the movie, but then I haven’t seen Selma either.

White teenage criminals are cuddly and cute and white and not really criminals. Really. This could be to the ridiculous, but an examination of media coverage of these bandits is warranted.

To the Ridiculous…..

Fair and balanced gives way to flights of fancy after Fox News becomes the unwilling star of a French TV satire. That would be after faux Fox commentator makes outrageous statements about Muslims and Birmingham England. 

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