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January 29, 2015  

Top Stories

First Interview- John Hanrahan, author, journalist, contributor to Expose Facts on Jeffrey Sterling.

Koch backed groups plan to spend nearly $1 billion dollars on 2016 elections. That’s right. Nearly a billion to get one of theirs in the White House. And who’s to stop them? That would be us.

 Leaders defend shutdown for a blizzard that wasn’t. This isn’t the first time predictions of a massive snowstorm have gone wrong. It is the first tie they shut the trains, thereby forcing people to either get home before 11PM or spend the night at their jobs. What are we, Podunk???

Sheldon Silver to leave post as New York State Assembly Speaker. The heat got to be too much not for Silver, but his friends in the Assembly. Upstate Assemblyman takes his place on an interim basis. Next chapter: Who gets gig permanently.

Lead Story

CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling found guilty on all counts.

Guest: David Swanson, Campaign Co-ordinator,

Sheriffs want to disable police tracking feature on Google Waze App. They say it’s for safety. How dumb is that? Waze tells you when cops are by the side of the road, or near where you’re traveling. That would make most rational people SLOW DOWN, not speed. They simply don’t want drivers to have an electronic weapon to use against them. 

Chris Christie launches political action committee. Why does Rudy for President keep ringing in my ears?  And Giuliani, arguably, had a record to run on. All Christie’s opponents have to do is show a montage of Jersey’s decayed bridges and he’s toast.

NFL investigator seeks to consult Columbia physicist over Patriots deflated balls. Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of this? I could end up not listening to sports radio ever again!

Guest: Andrew Rosario, sports reporter, Arise TV.

To the Ridiculous

Pilot of drone that crashed onto White House grounds was reportedly drunk. And….he’s a government employee, no less. Talk about drunk droning!


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