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June 18, 2015  

Trump runs for President (this time for real, he says ). As Gothamist says, one more on the clown bus. Why is he running? Jeb Bush is also running, but so what? This is about Donald!


New York rent regulations expire amid last minute talks. This is a disgrace of epic proportions. Legislators are paid to pass laws so things like this don’t happen. And what were they debating while the rent reg deadline came and went? Just ask ‘em.


Ohio police and family dispute intense confrontation, arrests at pool. What, another black youth/ police pool confrontation? The operative part of this story is that all the cops who responded to the reported dispute were all white.


Focus and strategy shift in hunt for two escaped killers. Did anyone think these two would still be at large this Board hears support for raising food workers minimum wage.

Lead Story


I identify as black. Rachel Dolezal’s story isn’t new on some levels. There are jazz musicians who have been misidentified this way, but none that I know of who deliberately put themselves out as black. Is this the end of Rachel?


More Top Stories


Berniemania! Why is socialist Senator Bernie Sanders so popular? I could list the reasons, but let’s start with this. He’s real!


Board hears support for raising food workers’ minimum wage. Why does a board even have to exist for this? Raise the minimum wage, and be done with it!


House Republicans propose stripping family planning services from millions of low income women. They couldn’t pull it off before, because the Senate was majority Democrat. Now, however, they could sneak the elimination of Title X, a Richard Nixon initiative, into the latest budget. Ring the alarm!!!


Police search for assailant in 4 attacks on Asian women. Someone needs to help the cops put this lowlife behind bars. Sounds like hate crimes to me.


New York Comptroller taking aim at three quarter homes, urges city agencies to end referrals. Apparently, there are landlords in this town that would encourage recovering drug addicts to relapse so they can keep bleeding them dry. Is there no shame?


The End…..


Will Christian DJs go to hell for celebrating 60 year old gay dude’s birthday? This is what happens when crazed Christianity meets state law in Maryland. See, it’s illegal to discriminate against gays in that state, stoopids!!!

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