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July 2, 2015  

Lead Story

Tsipras signals Greece may accept bailout terms. So I have to ask, what’s the difference between Greece stiffing banks and American governors stiffing pension funds? Many of them, including now presidential candidate Chris Christie are doing just that.

Top Stories

Patience spent, de Blasio accuses Cuomo hurting New York City out of revenge. So now their spat is out in the open. When Cuomo began his first term, I asked whether he’d be more interested in making deals with the GOP led Senate than the Democratic controlled Assembly. Now we have our answer. De Blasio’s problem is in the timing.

Independently drawn districts have proved to be more competitive. The Supreme Court ruling exposes that legislators are more interested in incumbent protection than democracy. Who knew? 

Black church in South Carolina is latest to burn in South. Racism is alive and well in some quarters of this country. Where is the white Christian outrage?

Right divided, a disciplined left steered the Supreme Court. Well, not really, Sounds good. Some rulings have gone the left’s way, but don’t be fooled. This is still a conservative court. 

States snub execution drug approved by Supreme Court. Wait does that mean they took this up for nothing?

Sanitation worker thwarts robbery at Manhattan 7- Eleven. This guy should get a medal. He didn’t have to get involved.

Average home price in Manhattan reaches $1.87 million, a new high. Glad to hear somebody is making out like a bandit. 

Uber says proposed freeze on licenses in NY City would limit competition, They’re right on this one. There doesn’t need to be a study to conclude that Manhattan traffic is congested. Uber is only one part of the reason.

Crooked ex-Senator Malcolm Smith sentenced to seven years for bribery. A political career ended over greed, and most of all, stupidity.

The End

Tennessee hardware store owner posts no gays allowed sign on front door. “I’ll never regret this. Wanna bet???


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