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July 9, 2015  

Lead Stories 

NYSE halts trading after major technical glitch. Think they’ll tell the truth about what happened? Don’t be too sure. 

Malfunctioning computer network router caused grounding of United flights. What, both in the same morning? Maybe it’s just coincidence. Then again…. 

Confederate flag’s fate is in hands of polarized South Carolina House. They’re already trying to torpedo getting rid of the flag with amendments. Why do they hold on so tight?

Greece given until Sunday to settle debt crisis or face disaster. Is this really all Greece’s fault? There is some evidence otherwise. Could somebody be trying to kill democracy?

Why Berne Sanders’ momentum is not built to last. Last? A month ago nobody was giving him even a small shot. Don’t believe the hype.

San Francisco murder case exposes lapses in immigration enforcement. True, but that doesn’t mean Mexicans are rapists.

The prosecutor who says Louisiana should kill more people. This is insanity, pure and simple. The man should be removed from office.

Wrongfully convicted man released after 27 years in prison starts new job as paralegal. Not all the stories of exonerated people end up this happy.

Georgia “shop of death” sold guns that killed 2 NYPD officers, Nebraska cop. What, and no license lifted? Is this what people mean by the Second Amendment?

Donald Trump blasts efforts to review contracts he has with NYC, wants city to thanks him for amazing work. Blind lunacy is the only way to describe this man.

The End

Amid new overtime rules, more employers might set e-mail curfew, Maybe their employees will thank them for it.  

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