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October 30, 2014  

CNN Poll: Voters are Angry. About what, exactly? The direction the country is headed. What direction is that? Lower unemployment, lower gas prices, more people with access to healthcare? There’s no pleasing some people.

The Bushes, led by W, Rally to make Jeb 45. Who do they think they are, the Kennedys? Seriously, not another one! Sad to say I don’t think they’re playing. 

Andrea Peyser outraged the NYPD did something nice for grieving mother. Why this creepy woman has a column in this town is utterly beyond me. She should be selling “End of Days’ insurance to paranoid conservatives.

Report reveals wider tracking of mail, raising abuse concerns. And you thought nobody mailed anything important anymore. Shouldn’t the people running the PO be figuring out how to stop losing money (I’ve got some tips for them)?

Some doctors wary of taking insurance exchange patients. Can’t somebody pass a penalty for that? And the patients are being made to feel like leeches????

Lead story….The politics of Ebola….From Cuomo to Christie, to the CDC, to the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the White House, everybody’s got a partisan political stake in how to deal with the outbreak.

Guest: Award winning investigative journalist Tom Robbins.

To the Ridiculous

She may know how to pronounce Houston St., and what a bodega is, but what exactly qualifies Taylor Swift to be New Yoek’s Welcome Ambassador other than  her song “Welcome to New York”? What, JLo, Jay Z, Alisha Keys, and yes, Sharon Jones all busy? Truly ridiculous. 

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