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September 17, 2014  

Tonight on The Mark Riley Show:

Mark talks about: 

General to Seek Combat Troops if US Air War Can’t Stop ISIS. The enemy may be real, and the reasons for fighting them valid, but do we really want to do this?

Tappan Zee Bridge Dollars Disqualified by EPA to the tune of $481 Million. Do they know that a lot of people in Rockland and Westchester counties are afraid to go over the bridge that’s there?

New Yorkers Smoking Like It’s 2007. That’s the size of the uptick in smoking residents of the Big Apple. Why is it Happening? Where’s Mike Bloomberg?

New York firefighter Starts trial for Allegedly Racist Road Rage Attack on Postal Worker. This would normally be under “To the Ridiculous”, but is it a sign of the times?

Numbers of Americans Without Health Insurance Falls, Survey Shows. Finally, some good news!!! Or is it?

US to End Coverage Under Healthcare Law for Tens of Thousands. The other show drops. Barack giveth, Barack taketh away. 

Scotland Hears Last Miute Appeals on Independence Vote. Don’t really have a position for or against, but the process itself makes perfect sense. Let the people decide.

Guest tonight Andrew Rosario, Sports Reporter for Arise TV talks about the Minnesota Vikings changing course on Adrian Peterson, and Ray Rice and other domestic violence cases still front and center, is the NFL taking it on the chin where it counts most? That would be at the stadium gate and in TV ratings.

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