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September 24, 2014  

Tonight on The Mark Riley Show, Mark has great guest Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Editor in chief, Black Star News.

He also discusses:

Flood of busts- 102 held at anti Wall St. Climate Rally. It’s one thing to march for action on climate change generally, like on Sunday. It’s something else when you march against money.

CUNY Soars…Record enrollment for an affordable education. No one should underestimate what this influx of children of working class parents will mean for New York in 10, 20 years. An educated workforce and populace is no joke.

Fraternities at Wesleyan are told they must be co-ed. Now this is different. Will it actually cut down on sexual assaults and harassment as the administration think?

Cyclist who killed woman in Central Park calls it an unavoidable accident. Cops crack down on Central Park cyclists in wake of pedestrian deaths. Maybe cyclists are going to have to be licensed. And who knew the speed limit for bikes in the park is 25 MPH???

President Obama went on TV today to explain airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. He said the strikes go beyond just ISIS to include another group, Khorasan. Will all this work? Showing pictures of terrorist buildings blown to smithereens. Breaking thje back of more than one terror group ois a taller order.




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