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October 15, 2014  

Mark speaks with Dr. Kristina Talbert-Slagle, senior scientific officer at the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute and a lecturer at the Yale School of Public Health.  They discuss Ebola projection for Africa: Up to 10,000 cases per week. What are some of the truths, and misinformation about this disease?

Mark also speaks about these topics:

Hundreds march in Ferguson, descending on university campus. And that was the other day. Ferguson has become a flashpoint for something no city really wants to confront: The profound distrust between black communities and the police.

Senate contest in South Dakota is free for all. This is how the media processes a race with more than two contestants. Some might call it democracy.

Wells Fargo employee asks CEO for raises for all 300,000 colleagues. Won’t happen, but a gutsy request. That employees should be glad they don’t work part time at WalMart.

Should white mom given black man’s sperm by mistake be paid for banks’ mix up? This is a tough one. Will the parents put the child up for adoption?

Man smoke bombs West Village restaurant from subway hatch. Was it the food

Selfie crooks take photos showing off handguns on stolen phone, which sends incriminating pics to cloud and police. Well, DUH!!!

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