The Mark Riley Show Progressive talk radio with a twist

October 22, 2014  

Mark's guest tonight is Washington correspondent for the Nation Magazine, John Nichols. They discuss how billionaire oligarchs are becoming their own political parties.

Mark also discussed:

Astorino renews call to turn away flights with passengers from Ebola stricken nations. Now this is just brilliant. First,  as Andrew Cuomo points out, the feds ban flights, not the states. Secondly, Astorino would render US citizens who went overseas to fight Ebola stateless. He thinks US citizens shouldn’t be allowed back either. And this guy wants to be governor???

Cuba’s impressive role on Ebola. We send troops, the Cubans send doctors. This is not the first time Cuba has stepped in to help those less fortunate. Just ask the Angolans about Cuban troops back in the ‘70s. Or ask US diplomats about the help the Cubans continue to give in the fight against drug trafficking in the Caribbean.

The Death of Klinghoffer turns jeers into cheers at Metropolitan Opera premiere. Never been a fan of opera, but have been a longtime fan of Adams’ work. Don’t think he’d be intentionally Anti-Semitic.

Mayor de Blasio rules out billion dollar subsidy proposal for JP Morgan chase. And Harold Ickes, de Blasio’s friend, was lobbying for Chase. And you didn’t think he could say no to friends.

Subway busker claims he was tired of cops not knowing performers’ rights. Maybe they know, but they want to hassle you anyway, pal.

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