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January 8, 2015  

RIP: Mario Cuomo, Stuart Scott, Bess Myerson, Paul “Peanut” Peregrim

Top Stories….

NYPD received tips leading to arrest of man suspected of shooting two cops who responded top Bronx robbery. Was it the $22,000 reward, or people responding to cops being shot? You decide. 

Andrew Cuomo asks during Mario Cuomo funeral for peace between City Hall and NYPD. At least there’s a meeting scheduled, so maybe things are thawing, even in the face of police slowdown.

Ex NYPD cop slams black brunch with gun toting selfie: “I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now”. Ex cop at a tony brunch? What is he now, a hedge fund manager?

This letter could restart the case against Darren Wilson. If there’s anything in the universe that could revive potential charges against Ferguson cop, please let’s have it. This time, the NAACP is on the case of prosecutor.

GOP vow of pragmatism faces test of Capitol Hill. Boehner was re-elected speaker, but twice as many conservative Repubs voted against him as last time. We’ll see.

For second week, arrest plunge in New York City. Can you spell slowdown. This, of course, costs the city money. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Sanford Rubenstein will not face rape charges. His accuser is “baffled”. Was this simply he said, she said? Or did Rubenstein’s rep draw him a pass?

Judge sets date to consider release of Eric Garner grand jury records. We see what happened in Ferguson. Could there be a smoking gun here?

Lead Story…..Special guest, author Dimitry Leger. His new novel, “God Loves Haiti” was released this week. 

To the Ridiculous…Not embracing Christie’s love of the Dallas Cowboys. Is there ay more ridiculous pandering than seeing the Governor of New Jersey hugging Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? And was some business done between the two?

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