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January 15, 2015  

Charlie Hebdo’s new issue has Muhammed on cover. Showing guts in the face of horror, taking unnecessary risk, or both?


From our “what were you thinking” dept. White House acknowledges error in not sending top official to march in Paris. What, was Joe Biden really that busy? The President should have gone himself.


Times reporter will not be called to testify in leak case. Good on you, James Risen. Never make it easy on the government to pry info from you. You’re an example to us all.


Arrests and summonses rise in NYC, but fall short of pre-slowdown levels. So it really was a slowdown after all. Somebody needs to tell Paddy Lynch he’s not the mayor, and he’s not going to get an apology from the mayor. He doesn’t deserve one. More on him later..


After 21 years in prison, wrongly convicted man dies months after release. What can you say about a story like this? There is no justice!!!


Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram, and three uncomfortable questions.


First guest: Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Editor in Chief, Black Star News

Phone number: 646-261-7566.


Second guest: (6:30)- Ahmed Rehab Executive director, CAIR Chicago

Phone number: 312-212-1520, 202-870-0166 (cell)


George Zimmerman labeled psychopath by female victim in Florida wine bottle incident. He can’t stay out of trouble, but evern stranger, did you know he sold a painting of his for $100,000? Who says crime doesn’t pay!


Screaming match erupts between cops, union head over de Blasio. It was reportedly about Paddy Lynch’s demand for an apology vs. other cops who think the union ought to have other priorities. And him with an election coming up too.


John Boehner’s bartender planned to poison him: FBI. Speaker of the House with a bartender? What’s up with that?


To the Ridiculous: Mike Huckabee: Obama shouldn’t let daughters listen to Beyonce’s “mental poison”. And this guy wants to be President? 

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