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February 5, 2015  

Crash kills 7 in worst accident in history of Metro North. NTSB is going to be all over this one, and there are questions galore.

House GOP again votes to repeal Health Care Law. What, again? Can’t these people get down to real business, and stop play acting?

State of the City Address- Full of ambition, but light on details. Bill de Blasio means well, and the affordable housing component is very important. But can he actually get it done? SoC offers no new details on how.

$100 million dollar penthouse is made possible by NYC taxpayers. It’s that 421-a program that trades small amounts of affordable housing for BIG tax breaks to luxury developers. Time for reboot, anyone?

Lead Story….Shelly Silver is out as Assembly Speaker….But how, besides money, did he amass all that power?

Guest: Investigative reporter Wayne Barrett.

NYPD announces machine gun free unit to handle protestors. Why did they need machine guns in the first place?

Jordan executes prisoners after ISIS video of pilot’s death. More barbarism on top of barbarism. How long Jordan’s outrage over this will last is anyone’s guess.

The wheels on Chris Christie’s campaign bus are coming off before it even rolls. Anyone who lives in Jersey knew he wasn’t serious. The state’s economy is bad. And to top it off, he makes a politically stupid statement about vaccines 

Vaccine McCarthyism….or did he???


To the Ridiculous


Montana police ask Homeland Security for help spying on hippie terrorists. They need specially equipped vehicle for this. Really???


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