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February 12, 2015  

NBC suspends Brian Williams for six months. First a time out, then this. It’s without pay, so NBC must think his exaggerations were serious. On the other hand, he’s number one in his time slot. Will he come back? Depends.

Report: Grand jury indicts cop for manslaughter in killing of unarmed man. This comes as a bit of a surprise, since I thought it was a horrible accident. This is what happens, when a prosecutor presents all the proper evidence.

Alabama woman arrested after trying to officiate a same sex marriage. If the state can’t get with the program, the program being a federal order, kick them out of the United States! Echoes of George Wallace. Want states rights? Then become a nation state!

Dozens of NYC building inspectors and contractors surrender to authorities over $450,000 bribery scam. And here I thought they stopped all that corruption in the ‘80s….or maybe the 90s….or maybe this century!

Ferguson sued for jailing people too poor to pay tickets in grotesque debtors prison conditions: lawsuit. If this doesn’t make black people come out and vote to get rid of those who created this system, nothing will!


Lead Story

Reports: 3 young Muslims slain in Chapel Hill shooting, NC man charged. Is this Islamophobia? Let’s see now, the man is charged with first degree murder, meaning somebody thought it was premeditated. If he didn’t know these three, it seems like a hate crime, even if the cops won’t say so.

Guest: Journalist Nida Khan


Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show. Who would have thought at the beginning of his run that Stewart’s leaving would be national news. He has left a legacy for many of a different way of looking at the news.


De Blasio NYCHA head suggests private partnerships are the future. No, getting more money from the feds is the future.


TTR: Guess who is a big wage stealing robber jerk? It’s right wing capitalist hero Papa John’s. Better ingredients, lower wages, Papa John!

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