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June 11, 2015  

Top Stories

Ex-South Carolina officer is indicted in shooting death of black man. This is the Walter Scott murder, and you have to wonder how a southern justice system manages to charge a cop when so many northern ones can’t seem to do so.

Plenty of cop stories today…..

McKinney, Texas police officer resigns after incident caught on video. Okay, so the brutal cop is out, and that’s a good thing, but will there be criminal charges? Should there be?

NYPD detective shoots alleged gunman in Eastr Harlem. This sounds righteous, but in today’s climate there may well be questions. Transparency is the key.

Cleveland rabble rousers charge cop for murdering Tamir Rice, since no one else will. Our friends at the Wonkette may lay on the snark, but this is a very interesting an d potentially innovative way to seek justice.

Driver sues city after video shows cops admitting they don’t know why they pulled him over. Methinks this happens more often than some might believe. And the obstructed windshield thing?

NYPD Commissioner Bratton says it’s hard to hire black cops because too many have criminal histories. SAY WHAT??? This gives his enemies not just fuel, but a full gas tanks. How stupid is Mr. Broken Windows?

Manhunt for escaped inmates expands to small upstate NY town, as its revealed prison supervisor Joyce Mitchell was supposed to be getaway driver: report. The world of prisons and jails is a separate one from the one we live in, and we really don’t want to know anything about it. That is, until something like this happens.

US embracing a new approach on battling ISIS in Iraq, There’s something new that needs to be done. Question is, is it the right thing?

Amtrak engineer not on phone at time of derailment, investigators say. What, it wasn’t human error? Guess that means they’re going to have to dig deeper. 

Jeb Bush, citing Magnitude of Journey, details staff reshuffle. What, and he hasn’t even announced yet? Is it that the field has gotten so crowded? 

De Blasio gets tough on sodium. Again? Really? It didn’t work before, it won’t work now.

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