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October 9, 2014  

De Blasio stands by aide who omitted boyfriend on background check form. Can he keep standing by her? Pressure coming from many sides, including the cops.


Victim of Sharpton lawyer “rape” looked sober in video. Any allegation of rape must be taken very seriously, but Sandy Rubenstein and Rachel Noerdlinger have one thing in common….Al Sharpton. His relationship with de Blasio is the real end game for those who want to see this mayor fail.


Democrats lean heavily on PACs in co-ordinated push to counter GOP. While you can understand why Dems are doing this, that doesn’t make it any less unconfortable.


An Obama ally parts with him on war powers. Va. Senator Tim Kaine understands precedent and the Constitution better than the president.


The great wage slowdown of the 21st century. You might say “tell me something I don’t know”. NY Times piece actually does. This is what’s really behind “recovery”.


Family of Eric Garner plan to sue NYPD and city for $75 million dollars. You knew this was coming.


High school in New Jersey cancels football season amid allegations of harassment, intimidation, and bullying. Is this the right thing to do, or are the many being made to pay for the actions of a few? Emotional board meting last night in Sayreville, with football players storming out after board upheld decision.


Almost all (90%) female restaurant workers have experienced sexual harassment. One word….horrifying!


Lead Story

Supreme Court allows gay marriage to begin in five states.

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