The Mark Riley Show Progressive talk radio with a twist

November 12, 2014  

Mark's guests tonight: 

Elinor Tatum, Publisher, NY Amsterdam News

Harry Siegel, Editorial Board member, columnist, NY Daily News.

Mark discussed these topics on the show tonight:

States race to improve health exchanges as open enrollment nears. One thing is for sure. The ACA is confusing, the state exchanges only slightly less so, and the Republicans want to go backwards. There’s never been a better time for Medicare for all.

Craig Spencer, Ebola patient, recovers. A true hero, who on leaving the hospital said we should all be focused on fighting Ebola where he did… Africa.

Domestic violence drives up New York shelter population as housing options are scarce. Maybe we need a Vision Zero not just for traffic fatalities, but for domestic violence as well. That would include providing proper shelter for any victim who needs it.

Notorious anonymous hacker shares motives from prison.  Jeremy Hammond is doing 10 years. Why not cut his sentence, and say two words……Hack ISIS!!!

Arizona Loves the Constitution so much it has to ignore the constitution sometimes. Yet another case of Americans being American when they feel like being Americans.

NYPD to stop arrests for small amounts of marijuana. About time? Are we on the road to legalization?

Domino’s manager fired after calling Michigan customer “retard”, telling her to go “F” yourself. Here’s sauce in your eye!!!

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