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November 20, 2014  

FBI warns Ferguson grand jury decision “will likely” lead to violence. So remember way back last week or so when they aid the decision would come out…..some time last week? Hate to say it, but that cop will walk. Why else would the governor declare a state of emergency?

Leave of absence for an embattled aide in de Blasio’s office. Actually, I’m surprised it took this long. The cops in this town have long, long arms, and this is their way of getting even with Al Sharpton.

Mexico’ barbarous tragedy. 43 progressive students killed, accusations that the country’s president and first lady had something to do with it, and now the story’s gone dormant. Is that because we’re supposed to be strong boosters of this current government? Or is it, as some have said because “it’s only Mexicans???”

Health law turns Obama and insurers into allies. Why does this very headline make me nervous?

In Colorado, calls to change a restaurant’s name from “Illegal Pete’s”. We almost ate there when we were in Boulder  couple of weeks ago. The controversy is a really big deal in Colorado. I tend to side with the owner.

Uber executive’s comments leave company scrambling. Didn’t anyone ever tell this guy not to mess with the media? They have the pens, after all.

Obama’s potential immigration plan could enter uncharted territory.

Guest: Immigration attorney and former Mayor of Englewood, NJ Michael Wildes

To the Ridiculous

NJ cop arrested for exposing genitals during traffic stops. He exposed himself to young men, this married father of two did. What was he thinking????

November 12, 2014  

Mark's guests tonight: 

Elinor Tatum, Publisher, NY Amsterdam News

Harry Siegel, Editorial Board member, columnist, NY Daily News.

Mark discussed these topics on the show tonight:

States race to improve health exchanges as open enrollment nears. One thing is for sure. The ACA is confusing, the state exchanges only slightly less so, and the Republicans want to go backwards. There’s never been a better time for Medicare for all.

Craig Spencer, Ebola patient, recovers. A true hero, who on leaving the hospital said we should all be focused on fighting Ebola where he did… Africa.

Domestic violence drives up New York shelter population as housing options are scarce. Maybe we need a Vision Zero not just for traffic fatalities, but for domestic violence as well. That would include providing proper shelter for any victim who needs it.

Notorious anonymous hacker shares motives from prison.  Jeremy Hammond is doing 10 years. Why not cut his sentence, and say two words……Hack ISIS!!!

Arizona Loves the Constitution so much it has to ignore the constitution sometimes. Yet another case of Americans being American when they feel like being Americans.

NYPD to stop arrests for small amounts of marijuana. About time? Are we on the road to legalization?

Domino’s manager fired after calling Michigan customer “retard”, telling her to go “F” yourself. Here’s sauce in your eye!!!

November 6, 2014  

Cancel the Midterms….So people just got finished voting, and now an NY Times Op-Ed says we shouldn’t bother anymore. The rationale is silly, hell, the whole article is silly!

Thousands rally against LGBT rights in Houston…Not much to say about this one, except I’m crossing Houston off my must visit list.

Terminally ill death with dignity advocate ends her life. Brittany Maynard caught some flack for her decision, and even came close to changing her  mind, but in the end, he died her way, and that takes guts.

Banks, Pinero departures raise issue of race @ NYPD. This is a multi layered story, with some in the media grinding axes to the point of being pitiful. Beyond that, rthe question of diversity in the NYPD is a legitimate issue.

Election Winners and Losers…. We already know, the big winner is money, whether it’s Democrats or Republicans, everyone begs. For what? You need to ask?

KMart workers have to come to work before dawn on Thanksgiving Day. No, not Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day. So…its didn’t work last year, so let’s try it again!!! No wonder KMart and Sears are going broke.

Little opposition seen in some votes to raise state minimum wages. That means even “right to work” states are starting to get the message. Raising the minimum wage helps everyone.

A top British spy says big tech firms enable terrorists. A serious charge, along with the allegation that Edward Snowden’s leaks have also helped terrorists. Didn’t see much backup in the piece, however. Yep, give up our rights in the name of safety. And you’ll prove it’s worth it how???

Lead Story

5 state study finds unsafe levels of airborne chemicals near oil and gas sites. This study has been grossly underreported, which is why it’s out lead story.

Guest: Dr. David O. Carpenter, Director, SUNY Albany Institute for Health and the Environment/ Senior author of the study. 

To The Ridiculous

“More dangerous than cigarettes”. Russians Remove iPhone statue following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s gay revelation. And we have a relationship with the homophobic Russian Czar Putin  because…….????


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