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December 26, 2014  

De Blasio, with Bratton by side, seeks balance after two killings. The Mayor is getting hammered left and right. Neither side seems ready to tamp down the rhetoric and increase the dialogue. What should he do?

In open letter, Mayor de Blasio stresses need to shelve rhetoric until after funerals of slain NYPD officers. Did anybody listen to the Mayor’s perfectly reasonable plea? Doesn’t look like it.

NYC protestors say they won’t stop demonstrations despite de Blasio’s wishes. Here’s where I part company with the protestors. They should stop the marches and rallies until after the slain police officers are buried. I think their marches will be smaller, because some people who want to address police brutality also realize continuing the protests is disrespectful.

Sony’s “The Interview” will come to some theaters after all. Talked to a friend who thinks (the cynic!) that the whole thing is a publicity stunt for the movie. Could it be? 

A startling admission by the Ferguson prosecutor could restart the case against Darren Wilson. Could? Could? If this is true, that he knowingly allowed liars to testify before a grand jury, he shouldn’t just be out of a job, he should be prosecuted himself.

Lead Story…..

There’s a tribute planned to honor the life and work of the great Professor John Henrik Clarke. One of the planners is PRN’s own host of Leid Story, Utrice Leid.

Will these new MTA posters stop bad subway behavior? You’re kidding, right?

December 18, 2014  

Taliban storms Pakistan school, killing scores of children. The death toll is between 140 and 145, and again, lunatics decide its children’s lives that need to be sacrificed. There should be no safe harbor for these people anywhere on the planet.

CUNY professor arrested for assaulting cops at millions march. The media has had a field day with a half dozen or so people out of 25-30,000. This ties directly into Pat Lynch’s ridiculous statements of late. Some thrive in an “us vs. them” environment. Don’t buy into it.

Police hunt for six in Brooklyn Bridge protest melee. Fighting with cops is a zero sum game. They’re armed, and it takes away from the gravity of the issue you’re trying to spotlight. Nuff said. Meanwhile, protestors to meet with de Blasio.

Jeb Bush will actively explore the possibility of running for president. What, Christie hasn’t got it sewn up yet? Is America really ready for a third Bush? Right now, of all the people thinking about running, Elizabeth Warren would get my vote.

4 arrested in home invasions targeting Indian Americans in New Jersey suburbs. People of good conscience need to condemn this, whether it turns out to be a hate crime or not.

Wife of Bill Cosby places fault with news media. This follows her husband’s blatant pitch for black media about “being neutral”. Don’t know if every accuser’s lying, but there are an awful lot of them. Don’t blame the media, fight for yourself!

“Witness 40” for Ferguson grand jury exposed as a racist, mentally ill felon who lied about shooting: report. If even half of this is true, you have to ask, how was she credible enough to put before the grand jury in the first place? At best prosecutorial incompetence, at worst…..

Port Authority spent $200M in overtime in 9 months. This is at the same time they asked motorists to fork over a buck more at bridges and tunnels. The money spent on OT is on track to be more than they spend on infrastructure. Huh?

Lead Story 

We are told the nation’ and the city’s economy are getting better with each passing day/week/month. Yet there are questions about just how well its doing for large swaths of both Americans and New Yorkers. We have a guest to sort it out.

James Parrott, Deputy Director, Chief Economist, Fiscal Policy institute.To the Ridiculous

Millionaire teen stock trader admits he lied about everything. Oh those Stuyvesant kids…..

The real question is why some in the media didn’t fact check enough to expose him.


December 11, 2014  

Top Stories….

Congressional leaders reach deal on spending. This is presented as a good thing because it averts a government shutdown. But exactly who gets hurt? Let’s see now…… 

Congressional leaders agree to cut aid to college students to pay student loan contractors. What???? Okay, there’s one group, college kids. Anyone else???

Oh yeah, the District of Columbia, and it’s attempt to legalize marijuana.

Brooklyn man shot after stabbing man inside synagogue. Act of terror? No, suicide by cop seems more likely.

As two sides rally, New York City Council introduces a bill to ban carriage horses. Still not sure which side of this divide I’m on. Don’t like to see union people put out of work, but also don’t want horses to be ill treated.

New York city and 8 labor unions reach tentative contract. They said he couldn’t pull this off. There’s still a way to go, but so far, so good on the labor front for this mayor.

Top court rules no worker pay for security screening. It’s on your time, pal!

Lead Story…..

CIA torture report- five years in the making, and triggering the usual partisan divide….or is it?

Bin Laden Intel through torture dissed. 

Guest -John Cencich, Professor, Dept. of Criminal Justice,  California University of Pennsylvania 

To the Ridiculous….

Two words….Dick Cheney!

December 4, 2014  

A special in-depth program on the Eric Garner case and the Grand Jury decision with special guests Andrew Rosario (Rise TV) and Les Payne (Newsday.)


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