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December 11, 2014  

Top Stories….

Congressional leaders reach deal on spending. This is presented as a good thing because it averts a government shutdown. But exactly who gets hurt? Let’s see now…… 

Congressional leaders agree to cut aid to college students to pay student loan contractors. What???? Okay, there’s one group, college kids. Anyone else???

Oh yeah, the District of Columbia, and it’s attempt to legalize marijuana.

Brooklyn man shot after stabbing man inside synagogue. Act of terror? No, suicide by cop seems more likely.

As two sides rally, New York City Council introduces a bill to ban carriage horses. Still not sure which side of this divide I’m on. Don’t like to see union people put out of work, but also don’t want horses to be ill treated.

New York city and 8 labor unions reach tentative contract. They said he couldn’t pull this off. There’s still a way to go, but so far, so good on the labor front for this mayor.

Top court rules no worker pay for security screening. It’s on your time, pal!

Lead Story…..

CIA torture report- five years in the making, and triggering the usual partisan divide….or is it?

Bin Laden Intel through torture dissed. 

Guest -John Cencich, Professor, Dept. of Criminal Justice,  California University of Pennsylvania 

To the Ridiculous….

Two words….Dick Cheney!

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