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March 19, 2015  

Top Stories…..


Commutes in New York are the longest among major cities, report finds. What, longer than LA??? Is there any way to fix this? And BTW, how much pollution is spewed into the atmosphere by vehicles stuck in traffic? Just asking.


Air Force veteran from New Jersey tried to aid ISIS, US charges. What would cause a military man to help ISIS, apparently with his plane expertise? What should happen to him, if convicted?


Starbucks race together campaign draws widespread mockery on Twitter inspiring #newstarbucksdrinks hashtag. So who’s exactly afraid of what people say on Twitter? The execution was awkward, but the intent was cool. Just another example of people being scared to discuss race.


Diet sodas could be linked to bulging bellies in older adults. What, you mean I should down regular soda instead? Yep, guess so.


Michelle Obama’s mom was worried Barack’s mixed race background could present problems for her daughter. What, like she could become First Lady of the United States??? Seriously, people harbor these fears all the time. Anybody want to argue that a white mother might have fears about their daughter marrying a black man?


Lead Story….


House Republicans propose budget with deep cuts. So what else is new? Get rid of ACA, privatize Medicare, food stamps, the usual “suspects”. And how do they plan on balancing the budget in 10 years? By using the same trickery they accuse Democrats of using.


Swastikas painted inside Jewish fraternity house at Vanderbilt University during party: Cops. It’s not good enough for blacks to be outraged at racism at the University of Oklahoma, and for Jews to be outraged at Anti Semitism at Vanderbilt. We should all be outrage at all shows of intolerance and bigotry, no matter where and to whom they happen.


Holey Crap! Streets are full of massive craters due to lack of highway workers. Have you noticed this is a problem in many areas of American life? How about those waits to talk to a live body for almost anything.


The girls behind the bloody McDonald’s beatdown. I don’t know who to be angrier at…the attackers, or those who stood around and watched. And the ringleader’s got quite a history too. What should happen to her if she’s convicted?


To the Ridiculous….


Professor is your new Thoreau, by being a dick on an airplane. Shouting about the US invading Venezuela? Really? Smoking on the plane. Really? I guess so.


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