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May 21, 2015  

Top Stories

Los Angeles raises minimum wage to $15. Proof yet again that New York City is way behind the times. NYC should have had this done some time ago.

Police investigating Waco biker melee remain on guard. Notice they call it a melee, not a riot, which has a very different connotation. Nine are dead, and it’s not conveyed as any kind of systemic problem, like Baltimore was.

Why don’t blacks have normal names like Asian students, Duke professor asks. How in the world do people like this end up teaching students of any age? Yeah, the guy is 80, but c’mon!!!

Low US rail spending leads to poor safety, experts say. This is exactly what we were talking about last week. Other countries have built out their rail systems, but America? Not even a little.

Lead Story…..

Narcotics cops ordered to stop arresting suspects over 40. What?

Guest: Professor Eugene O’Donnell, Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

More Stories

US says it disrupted major heroin importing operation in the Bronx. Word is, there was enough heroin to get every single New Yorker high. There’s an interesting trend going on in discussing heroin abuse and addiction. Back in the day, addicts were called junkies, and abuse was framed as a pathology. Now that it’s in the suburbs, it’s called a sickness, and nobody calls the kids strung out junkies. Interesting.

House approves short term financing for highways. Why does everything have to be short term? Doesn’t anyone ever learn?

The MTA hopes these tweaks will make trains less crowded. I don’t know, I’m not sure that anything less than running more trains will make a serious difference. 

White House hit with racist slur N---- House on Google Maps. Here we go again. Will the Obama hating ever end? In 100 years?

Too big to fail banks sorry for trying to steal all the money in the world. Wanna guess which six banks were talking about here? So they paid $5.8 billion, so what?


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