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September 3, 2014  

Lead Story

Tough Sledding for Gov. Cuomo in what was expected to be a victory lap of a primary. That and other pre-primary news.

Guest: Elinor Tatum, Publisher, NY Amsterdam News.

Study suggests a Rebound for Union Jobs in New York. Haven’t seen a positive story about union growth in a long, long time.

As Chain Restaurants Move In, a Bronx Café Fights for its Future. Am I the only person who hates chain restaurants? Doesn’t anybody else care about what they do to a city like New York?

Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama as Midterms Approach. Wouldn’t these people be called punks in any other context?

Putin Reportedly Says Russia Could Take Kiev in Two Weeks. Putin is a braggart and a blowhard, so what else do you expect?

2 Convicted in 1983 North Carolina Murder Are Freed After DNA Tests. How do you compensate two people who’ve been imprisoned for 30 years?

90 City Schools Failed to Pass a single Black or Hispanic Student on State Tests. People ought to be in the street about this. They won’t be, not even the parents of kids who can’t pass the tests. Or is this little more than some shilling by a pro charter group?

Video Claims to Show Beheading of US Reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS. Time to call out Seal Teams 6-10. This barbarism can’t be allowed to go unanswered.

Dump Kids and Keep Cash. Daily News Probe Shows some parents of Adopted Kids dump the kids and keep receiving money. How low is this?

Fraud Trial for Congressman will Start After Fall Elections. Good luck for Michael Grimm, but what if he gets re-elected and convicted?


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