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September 10, 2014  

Today's top stories:  

He’s been fired and suspended indefinitely after video shows he punched out his fiancé. Now Ray Rice speaks out. Never mind whether NFL knew about punchout video. What about prosecutors who gave him no jail time?  

Minorities face disproportionate Broken Windows enforcement everywhere- especially in white neighborhoods. Tell us something we don’t know. Are cops playing into the wisdom that most blacks are criminals?  Ferguson sets broad change for city courts. Does that mean theyre going to derail the town’s “money train”, where blacks end up balancing the budget? 

Christie unilaterally lifts sports betting prohibition. He might as well, while there’s still a casino in Atlantic City. Because at the same time.

His majesty Donald Trump is closing his last two casinos, Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza. You mean there won’t be anything left in AC with his name on it? Let’s have a party.  

Obama outlines plan to go after Isis. The run-up to this may have been more exciting than the actual plan. His opposition, on both sides of the aisle, don’t want him acting unilaterally. Should he? It seems more Americans want him to do something about ISIS.

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