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September 24, 2014  

Tonight on The Mark Riley Show, Mark has great guest Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Editor in chief, Black Star News.

He also discusses:

Flood of busts- 102 held at anti Wall St. Climate Rally. It’s one thing to march for action on climate change generally, like on Sunday. It’s something else when you march against money.

CUNY Soars…Record enrollment for an affordable education. No one should underestimate what this influx of children of working class parents will mean for New York in 10, 20 years. An educated workforce and populace is no joke.

Fraternities at Wesleyan are told they must be co-ed. Now this is different. Will it actually cut down on sexual assaults and harassment as the administration think?

Cyclist who killed woman in Central Park calls it an unavoidable accident. Cops crack down on Central Park cyclists in wake of pedestrian deaths. Maybe cyclists are going to have to be licensed. And who knew the speed limit for bikes in the park is 25 MPH???

President Obama went on TV today to explain airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. He said the strikes go beyond just ISIS to include another group, Khorasan. Will all this work? Showing pictures of terrorist buildings blown to smithereens. Breaking thje back of more than one terror group ois a taller order.




September 17, 2014  

Tonight on The Mark Riley Show:

Mark talks about: 

General to Seek Combat Troops if US Air War Can’t Stop ISIS. The enemy may be real, and the reasons for fighting them valid, but do we really want to do this?

Tappan Zee Bridge Dollars Disqualified by EPA to the tune of $481 Million. Do they know that a lot of people in Rockland and Westchester counties are afraid to go over the bridge that’s there?

New Yorkers Smoking Like It’s 2007. That’s the size of the uptick in smoking residents of the Big Apple. Why is it Happening? Where’s Mike Bloomberg?

New York firefighter Starts trial for Allegedly Racist Road Rage Attack on Postal Worker. This would normally be under “To the Ridiculous”, but is it a sign of the times?

Numbers of Americans Without Health Insurance Falls, Survey Shows. Finally, some good news!!! Or is it?

US to End Coverage Under Healthcare Law for Tens of Thousands. The other show drops. Barack giveth, Barack taketh away. 

Scotland Hears Last Miute Appeals on Independence Vote. Don’t really have a position for or against, but the process itself makes perfect sense. Let the people decide.

Guest tonight Andrew Rosario, Sports Reporter for Arise TV talks about the Minnesota Vikings changing course on Adrian Peterson, and Ray Rice and other domestic violence cases still front and center, is the NFL taking it on the chin where it counts most? That would be at the stadium gate and in TV ratings.

September 10, 2014  

Today's top stories:  

He’s been fired and suspended indefinitely after video shows he punched out his fiancé. Now Ray Rice speaks out. Never mind whether NFL knew about punchout video. What about prosecutors who gave him no jail time?  

Minorities face disproportionate Broken Windows enforcement everywhere- especially in white neighborhoods. Tell us something we don’t know. Are cops playing into the wisdom that most blacks are criminals?  Ferguson sets broad change for city courts. Does that mean theyre going to derail the town’s “money train”, where blacks end up balancing the budget? 

Christie unilaterally lifts sports betting prohibition. He might as well, while there’s still a casino in Atlantic City. Because at the same time.

His majesty Donald Trump is closing his last two casinos, Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza. You mean there won’t be anything left in AC with his name on it? Let’s have a party.  

Obama outlines plan to go after Isis. The run-up to this may have been more exciting than the actual plan. His opposition, on both sides of the aisle, don’t want him acting unilaterally. Should he? It seems more Americans want him to do something about ISIS.

September 3, 2014  

Lead Story

Tough Sledding for Gov. Cuomo in what was expected to be a victory lap of a primary. That and other pre-primary news.

Guest: Elinor Tatum, Publisher, NY Amsterdam News.

Study suggests a Rebound for Union Jobs in New York. Haven’t seen a positive story about union growth in a long, long time.

As Chain Restaurants Move In, a Bronx Café Fights for its Future. Am I the only person who hates chain restaurants? Doesn’t anybody else care about what they do to a city like New York?

Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama as Midterms Approach. Wouldn’t these people be called punks in any other context?

Putin Reportedly Says Russia Could Take Kiev in Two Weeks. Putin is a braggart and a blowhard, so what else do you expect?

2 Convicted in 1983 North Carolina Murder Are Freed After DNA Tests. How do you compensate two people who’ve been imprisoned for 30 years?

90 City Schools Failed to Pass a single Black or Hispanic Student on State Tests. People ought to be in the street about this. They won’t be, not even the parents of kids who can’t pass the tests. Or is this little more than some shilling by a pro charter group?

Video Claims to Show Beheading of US Reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS. Time to call out Seal Teams 6-10. This barbarism can’t be allowed to go unanswered.

Dump Kids and Keep Cash. Daily News Probe Shows some parents of Adopted Kids dump the kids and keep receiving money. How low is this?

Fraud Trial for Congressman will Start After Fall Elections. Good luck for Michael Grimm, but what if he gets re-elected and convicted?



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