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June 25, 2015  

Lead Story (Charleston Roundup)

Calls to drop Confederate flag spread nationwide. This is nothing more than a safe, easy way to say you’re not racist while not doing anything about racism. Would anybody, Wal-Mart, South Carolina, Mississippi, NASCAR, anybody have even talked about that flag is nine people hadn’t died?

Here’s what the designer of two Confederate flags used during the Civil War had to say about their meaning:

As a people we are fighting maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.

William Thompson

Lest we not be clear about what Thompson meant…. 

As a national emblem, it is significant of our higher cause, the cause of a superior race, and a higher civilization contending against ignorance, infidelity, and barbarism. Another merit in the new flag is, that it bears no resemblance to the now infamous banner of the Yankee vandals.

Yet Thompson’s design isn’t the one we see today. That one was designed by William Porcher Miles, and never represented the Confederate States of America. It was in fact the battle flag of the Army of Virginia under General Robert E. Lee.

Federal hate crime charges likely in South Carolina church shootings. Nice to see the feds are paying attention, and that there’s a desire to call this what it was. More on South Carolina at The End.

Senate vote gives Obama victory on Pacific trade bill. Many folks knew this was coming. If this thing passes, America will come to deeply regret it, and it will be a permanent stain on this president’s legacy.

Tentative deal in Albany would extend rent laws; key issues are unresolved. Plain and simple: Not a great deal. Raising the ceiling on vacancy decontrol by a measly $200 bucks is nothing. Tenants have been sold out!

Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide, autopsy says. This is going to make it that much more difficult to spin this is a way favorable to the cops who stand charged with his death.

New York City settles wrongful conviction casein Brooklyn for $6.25 million.

What, again? How are so many wrongful convictions coming out of one place?

Neighborhood policing to expand across New York, Bratton says. Is this anything like community policing? Where have I heard that before?

Newly minted MBAs are earning more than ever, and working less. Ah, a life of leisure! While working people bust it harder and harder, potential business bloodsuckers are learning their trade early.

Whole Foods chain faces city probe after investigators found worst case of overcharges. You mean Whole Paycheck isn’t good enough. And their corporate ass covering doesn’t even sound credible. Can someone spell Fairway?

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is running for president. Take a number, my man, there are a lot of people ahead of you. I say the more, the merrier! Remember, Christie hasn’t announced yet.

The End

South Carolina pol says Charleston victims waited their turn to be shot. This is the most incredible instance of blame the victim I’ve ever seen or heard!

June 18, 2015  

Trump runs for President (this time for real, he says ). As Gothamist says, one more on the clown bus. Why is he running? Jeb Bush is also running, but so what? This is about Donald!


New York rent regulations expire amid last minute talks. This is a disgrace of epic proportions. Legislators are paid to pass laws so things like this don’t happen. And what were they debating while the rent reg deadline came and went? Just ask ‘em.


Ohio police and family dispute intense confrontation, arrests at pool. What, another black youth/ police pool confrontation? The operative part of this story is that all the cops who responded to the reported dispute were all white.


Focus and strategy shift in hunt for two escaped killers. Did anyone think these two would still be at large this Board hears support for raising food workers minimum wage.

Lead Story


I identify as black. Rachel Dolezal’s story isn’t new on some levels. There are jazz musicians who have been misidentified this way, but none that I know of who deliberately put themselves out as black. Is this the end of Rachel?


More Top Stories


Berniemania! Why is socialist Senator Bernie Sanders so popular? I could list the reasons, but let’s start with this. He’s real!


Board hears support for raising food workers’ minimum wage. Why does a board even have to exist for this? Raise the minimum wage, and be done with it!


House Republicans propose stripping family planning services from millions of low income women. They couldn’t pull it off before, because the Senate was majority Democrat. Now, however, they could sneak the elimination of Title X, a Richard Nixon initiative, into the latest budget. Ring the alarm!!!


Police search for assailant in 4 attacks on Asian women. Someone needs to help the cops put this lowlife behind bars. Sounds like hate crimes to me.


New York Comptroller taking aim at three quarter homes, urges city agencies to end referrals. Apparently, there are landlords in this town that would encourage recovering drug addicts to relapse so they can keep bleeding them dry. Is there no shame?


The End…..


Will Christian DJs go to hell for celebrating 60 year old gay dude’s birthday? This is what happens when crazed Christianity meets state law in Maryland. See, it’s illegal to discriminate against gays in that state, stoopids!!!

June 11, 2015  

Top Stories

Ex-South Carolina officer is indicted in shooting death of black man. This is the Walter Scott murder, and you have to wonder how a southern justice system manages to charge a cop when so many northern ones can’t seem to do so.

Plenty of cop stories today…..

McKinney, Texas police officer resigns after incident caught on video. Okay, so the brutal cop is out, and that’s a good thing, but will there be criminal charges? Should there be?

NYPD detective shoots alleged gunman in Eastr Harlem. This sounds righteous, but in today’s climate there may well be questions. Transparency is the key.

Cleveland rabble rousers charge cop for murdering Tamir Rice, since no one else will. Our friends at the Wonkette may lay on the snark, but this is a very interesting an d potentially innovative way to seek justice.

Driver sues city after video shows cops admitting they don’t know why they pulled him over. Methinks this happens more often than some might believe. And the obstructed windshield thing?

NYPD Commissioner Bratton says it’s hard to hire black cops because too many have criminal histories. SAY WHAT??? This gives his enemies not just fuel, but a full gas tanks. How stupid is Mr. Broken Windows?

Manhunt for escaped inmates expands to small upstate NY town, as its revealed prison supervisor Joyce Mitchell was supposed to be getaway driver: report. The world of prisons and jails is a separate one from the one we live in, and we really don’t want to know anything about it. That is, until something like this happens.

US embracing a new approach on battling ISIS in Iraq, There’s something new that needs to be done. Question is, is it the right thing?

Amtrak engineer not on phone at time of derailment, investigators say. What, it wasn’t human error? Guess that means they’re going to have to dig deeper. 

Jeb Bush, citing Magnitude of Journey, details staff reshuffle. What, and he hasn’t even announced yet? Is it that the field has gotten so crowded? 

De Blasio gets tough on sodium. Again? Really? It didn’t work before, it won’t work now.


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